Riding Lessons

One of the primary reasons why Argentines are more likely to become good polo players is the way we sit in the saddle. This style derives from the gauchos, who traveled great distances moving cattle from the Pampa to the port; sometimes spending months on the horse. Because of this the gauchos developed a style that allowed them to rest in the saddle while the horse was working for them. The same style has been transferred to polo players.  In Argentina it is very easy to find and keep horses so any player, even an amateur, will often have a minimum 15 to 20 horses between made and green horses.

This means that we ride a great deal and as much as twice a day. Surely even on a day when he’s playing in the Open at Palermo, Cambiaso rides in the morning either testing a horse or working with a green horse. This also explains why during the Argentine Open of Polo 8 of the most intense chukkers of polo, with the strongest and fastest horses in this sport, can be played in the middle of Buenos Aires where there is no breeze and probably during the hottest week the year. I repeat: all this is possible because the riders sit in the saddle in such a way that allows them to rest even at high speed. That happens at the high handicap level but is applicable to any level of polo because riding every day is exhausting for any human body.

Being a good rider in this sport has many other benefits:

  • you will enjoy any horse here in Argentina or wherever;
  • you will be able to get the best out of each horse;
  • it will be easier and less expensive to find and buy horses, and then later if a horse is¬†not fast enough for you, your horse will continue to be well trained and develop so that¬†you can later sell him for good price.
  • As a good rider, anyone will be happy to offer you to play their horses if they cannot¬†play for any reason;¬†
  • The biggest reason is that polo will be easier, safer and more fun. You will also have a¬†greater capacity to improve and years longer enjoyment of this sport.¬†
  • For all these reasons we believe that it is essential to work on the level of horsemanship¬†of each student, riding lessons being the starting point of our integrated training system¬†and allowing students to avoid unnecessary fatigue and pain from the beginning.
  • In addition to practicing with the instructor the positions and coordination of the 3 main¬†aids (legs - body weight - reins) and secondary aids (sound - whip) students in our¬†classes will receive theoretical and practical training on the social nature of horses, their¬†behavior and sensitivity, the horse's mouth, its anatomy and its dynamic functionality so¬†you can physically and mentally to prepare the horse before a chucker and get the best¬†out of them.

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