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Training | Polo school Argentina

We consider polo to be a “complete” sport. It requires more than just a good swing. Polo offers us the opportunity to improve in many different areas: our horsemanship skills, personal fitness and technique and our ability to work as a team on game strategy. For this reason, our intensive polo program is designed for both individuals that have never ridden before as well as competent players that wish to continue improving. To achieve these skills our program focuses on 5 areas: 

  • Riding technique
  • Swing technique
  • Game theory
  • Practice 

These four are combined with a physical regime developed specifically for each polo player.

How can we raise our handicap? 

By improving the speed at which we play polo as well as improving our stick and balling. There are two ways to improve our stick and balling and in turn raise our level of polo playing:

Technique: improving our swing technique to reduce mishit shots.  Practicing to improve takes place on both a live horse and a wooden horse.  Because of this we work extensively in the hitting cage, filming our students’ techniques for analysis.  Practicing on the wooden horse in the hitting cage provides the necessary level of consistency to allow improving technique.  Another reason to work in the hitting cage is students who spend too much time on live horses lose their form due to fatigue.  

Strategy and Game Theory:  better understanding the game and learning how to be best positioned during the game to allow for the greatest interaction with the play and contact with the ball.  In order to teach this we work extensively on the chalkboard as well as discussing plays before matches and between chukkers.


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