It is only 45 minutes from Buenos Aires and 20 minutes from the airport


Due to the quality of the courts, the players and the horses, we offer the ideal enviroment for the practice of this sport.


A unique training program consisting of swing technique, game strategy and practice. This is then followed by a Polo specific fitness routine which guarantees that beginners rapidly develop the necessary Polo skills for this complete sport. This also allows for more seasoned players to further enhance and perfect their skills.

Our idea is for players to be able to "look back" and tangibly see how much he or she has improved in a week. One of our main objectives is that the expense incurred by our guests on their holiday becomes an investment in their polo.


We believe that continuity in the practice of a sport is fundamental, therefore our fields feature a specialized drainage system, which provides an efficient absortion of water. Thanks to this system we hardly miss any polo due to the weat conditions


2 Pato fields situated on well drained fields topped with sand that allows us to continue our equine activity in any weather


Our prices includes “Amenities” and “Polo”. This system guarantee all the meals and services to our guests, in and out of the Estancia. You can enjoy your Polo Vacations without any worries knowing that you don´t have to pay any extra money for our services


Our added value is our personalized service, with the professionalism that you deserve.


Why is it important to attend a Polo School?

Many polo clubs offer polo lessons and consider this to be the service of a Polo School.

A polo lesson lets you have a go at polo but for those of you who come to a polo school like Estancia Don Manuel you get to experience a full understanding of polo in a way that turns you into a competent polo player, able to play a match anywhere in the world on fields, on horses and with team mates that you dont know thanks to everything you will learn at Don Manuel Polo School.

Our objectives for our students are:

  • Eliminate old bad habits and develop new good habits;
  • Take polo players to the next level. When our students leave they will not only be able to carry the ball to the goal, they should be able to successfully perform knock-ins, complete passes to teammates and take penalty shots;  
  • Give our students all the tools the need to continue self-improvement once they return home;
  • Teach to our students how to enjoy longevity in the sport, continue improving and maintain a high level over time while preventing pain and injuries.

Don Manuel Polo Academy:

Our improvements related to technology and our collaboration with the best high performance sports medicine specialists and sport psychologists have led us to become the first and only polo academy offering an integrated learning system.

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